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Finding Balance Through Bodywork



for Casey Hayes


I have worked with a lot of body workers, and Casey is different. She has the magic. She is constantly evolving her practice to incorporate more effective techniques and increasing levels of intuition.  While she is excellent with Swedish or other standard massage techniques, she has seemingly limitless offerings in the more subtle and the more intuitive. A session is typically guided by a generously compassionate conversation about my feelings, body sensations, and behaviors We co-create our session from there, or sometimes from completely unexpected indicators. My story, my body, and my energy guide her where to work, and Casey is so attuned and attentive to know just what to do.  Bottom line: I come out feeling more like myself, everytime.                                                                                      

 ~Blake Tedder, MSW


Your compassionate presence and genuine caring are at the heart of your massage practice.  You are unusually gifted in the arena of touch as was evidenced the first time you gave me a foot massage, way before you even decided to go to school for it.  Your inner "soul singer" has roots in the deep south, able to listen deeply to stories and hold a sacred space for the expression of pain, joy and for simply being there... and your eloquence speaks of your lovely artistry with such creative and fine attention to the details of what you intend and do execute. Thank you for the healing presence that you offered me and so many now.                          

~Margery P.~ L.M.B.T.


Casey has a great ability to feel the tissue she is working on. This allows her to apply the most effective combination of pressure and depth for myofascial work. For my money, I want a therapist who is truly present and who truly loves the work. Casey is always 100% there.                                

~Kevin Powell ~LMBT


Casey’s powerful healing touch and presence is also healing past trauma locked up in muscle-memory. Being free of  “old stuff” helps my body move in the world in a new and more fluid way.


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