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Finding Balance Through Bodywork



Mission Statement: 

Balance, Empowerment, Unity. My mission is to meet you wherever you are on your own unique path toward sustainable and abundant well-being. I invite you into a therapeutic relationship of co-creation, grounded in a deep respect for your own Body-Wisdom and the ever present, life-forward movement toward Wholeness.


Welcome To Wellness!

My practice is grounded in a belief that health and wellness is achievable and abundant for everyone. Feeling good in your body can be so much more than just the absence of pain and dis-ease. Healing, for me, is the cultivation of a deeper and more intimate relationship with the wise Body we each live in and through. We all hold patterns of tension resulting from experiences throughout our lives. We are our own living history.  As you learn to listen to your Body with greater fluency, curiosity, and compassion, your Body becomes an ally, a co-creator, and a source of support in your life. 

Focused presence and deep listening, both verbally and somatically, are foundational to building a therapeutic relationship. Having no agenda other than Healing, as defined by the client, the therapeutic bubble becomes a safe space for allowing transformation that occurs through the Body and then moves beyond.

Bringing the tools and training of Polarity therapy, massage therapy, and Inner Relationship Focusing, I am able to offer clients skilled touch, practical knowledge, and focused attention to support you on your unique path, without expectation or judgment.


What's New?!

Now seeing Focusing clients for a discounted rate of $65/ session. Focusing is a body-focused exploration that supports a deepening relationship with what is held in our Body. Through cultivating and practicing a deepening Presence, we can listen and get to know those subtle (and not so subtle) places of holding, pain, tension, and dis-ease in a safe and spacious way, thereby allowing these places and parts to unwind, untangle, and integrate. Focusing is a powerful tool for exploring chronic pain, blocks, and places we feel “stuck”  





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